12.12.2019, 17:27

AGROTIP begins construction of the Michurinsky greenhouse complex

The AGROTIP company begins construction of the Michurinsky greenhouse complex.

A greenhouse complex for growing vegetables will be built in the village of Zeleniy gai, Michurinsky district, Tambov region. The construction of industrial greenhouses at the facility will be carried out in several stages. The area of the first stage is 31.9 hectares. The total area of all the phases of the plan is 99.7 hectares.

Even when designing the agricultural complex, it was decided that technologically greenhouse complex will differ from the greenhouses of another generation using the most modern technologies and systems. The production facilities of the GC “Michurinsky” will be equipped with automatic climate control, when growing seedlings, innovative technology using volcanic rock will be applied, and the greenhouses themselves will have a higher constructive capacity.

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