CO2 burners and fans


The delivery of the burner includes:

– separate control panel;

– diesel pump and flues;

– several selected options.

The burners are ideal for Crone boilers. Burners are operated by any climatic systems. The safety of the burner is provided by a 2-level fuel combustion alarm system.


Vitotherm has been developing and maintaining high-quality technical products since 1973. Its burners are among the most reliable and advanced at the market.

Vitotherm produces gas and liquid fuel burners, CO2 fans, gas regulators and CO detection sensors. Vitotherm burners are the best solutions for Crone boilers.

Vast experience in different segments:


Vitotherm produces CO2 fans made of stainless steel. The fan is equipped with an air pressure switch and a thermostat.

Vitotherm CO2 burners and fans information booklet.