1.11.2018, 13:09

The “round table” on the measures of state support of horticulture.

In the framework of the parliamentary hearings on the initiative of the Association “Greenhouses of Russia” and the support of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia State Duma Committee on agrarian issues of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation was held a “round table” on a theme “Legislative aspects of development and measures of state support of horticulture”.

The development of horticulture is one of the main priorities of the state policy in agriculture. To maintain the pace of development set in recent years, it is important to maintain the level of state support, to ensure the quality and safety of greenhouse products, to protect the interests of Russian agricultural producers, to expand their access to markets.

All these issues have become one of the key questions at this “round table”.

The meeting was attended by leaders and representatives of the scientific community, regional authorities, greenhouse enterprises and firms working in horticulture.

The presentations by Petr Chekmarev and Arkady Muravyov you can see below.




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