Lines of industrial cultivation of lettuce and green crops


The equipment of lettuce lines is produced individually for the specific needs of the customer and can be mounted in any type of winter glass or film greenhouses

Lines of industrial cultivation of lettuce


Shelf technology of growing lettuce and green crops by the method of through-flow hydroponics is used in most modern seedlings and salad complexes. Pots with plants are placed in the cultivation gutters of the salad line. The nutrient solution flows through the gutter, coming to the root system, which takes away exactly as much of the nutrient mixture as necessary for the harmonious development and growth of the plant. After treatment the remaining solution returns to the mixing unit and again comes to the plants.

салатная линия 1

установка для выращивания салата гидропонно-стеллажная установка

Tables with a moving platform increase the ratio of usable area of the salad line and facilitate the labor process of employees in the greenhouse.

Hydroponic shelf systems (UGS 1 and UGS 2 that are used for the salad line) are manufactured by “PKF AGROTIP” in Moscow. You can see other products produced by “PKF AGROTIP” in our Equipment catalog.


промышленные салатные линии