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LLC “Greenhouse technology”
Russia, 127550 Moscow, ul. Pasechnaya, d. 5
+7 (495) 977-56-08, 977-56-22

The official date of registration of the company “Greenhouse Technologies” is considered to be July 5, 1999, but the history of its creation began in the winter of 1995, when the first tunnel greenhouse with a flow hydroponic system for growing lettuce and green crops was installed . In 1997 after the decision to extend the area of the greenhouse up to 4000 sq. m. it was determined to start a manufacturing company, ZAO “United Technologies” Ltd and to build multi-greenhouse of a French company “Richel Serres de France”. And two years later, in 1999, the company became the leading producer of lettuce and green crops in Moscow.

LLC “Agrisovgaz”
249092, Russia, Kaluga region, Maloyaroslavets. ul. Mirnaya 3.
+7 800 302-10-35

LLC “Agrisovgaz” is a leading Russian manufacturer of industrial, farm and garden greenhouses of the new generation. The priority direction of company’s activity is to provide the market with modern greenhouse structures and technological systems, provision of services for design and engineering works, as well as installation supervision and agrotechnological support. LLC “Agrisovgaz” offers construction of greenhouses, engineering and technology systems and services for the construction of greenhouse complexes “turnkey”.

394019, Russia, Voronezh, ul. Krasnodonskaya 1B
+7 (4732) 21-51-90, 76-27-87

The main activity of the Scientific and production enterprise “NFL” from Voronezh is the production of lamps. The company was established in 1993 by the specialists of the leading Voronezh enterprises, who during the conversion period developed and implemented the idea of creating a new generation of energy-saving lamps: led, industrial, street lamps and lamps for greenhouses.
The company is a member of the The Association “Greenhouses of Russia”. As a part of the Association, they are actively involved in the reconstruction of old greenhouses and the construction of new modern greenhouse complexes. Their products are used in the most advanced technologies of growing in the artificial light.

LLC “Reflux”
109518, Russia, Moscow, 2nd Graivoronovsky proezd, 48
+7 (495) 232 42 93, 617 11 70

LLC “Reflux” – Russian innovative company. The principal activities of the company are developing, manufacturing and selling lighting products with a wide range of applications. Their first lamp was released in 1995, and since then the company has been closely following the needs and wishes of customers who has inspired manufacturers to new ideas. The concept of Reflux in lighting technology was formulated in 1999, it is based on the unique features of the reflex mirror lamps, which allow to create high-performance lighting devices and installations for various purposes. Today, Reflux lamps illuminate city streets, federal highways, production enterprises and about 80% of all greenhouses in Russia.

NPF “Phyto”
Moscow Region., Leninsky District, Moscow
(495) 439-88-91, 439-86-19

Currently, when sharply increased environmental and psycho-emotional stress on the human body, are becoming increasingly important and a healthy lifestyle are becoming increasingly important and a healthy lifestyle are becoming increasingly important healthy lifestyle

ООО “ЮрБюро “ВиАл”
Россия, Москва, ул. Шаболовка, 34 стр. 3

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Agro Technologii Projectirovanie
Moscow, ul. Aviakonstruktora Milya 8/1
+7(495) 109-39-50

For more than 10 years of successful work, the specialists of “Agro Technologies and Design” LLC have gained vast experience in working with enterprises of the agro-industrial complex. We have unique experience in solving complex problems, we know and understand the problems of the greenhouse industry.

In our projects, we use equipment from leading international and domestic manufacturers. Our customers are confident that we offer the most cost-effective solution on the market that meets all modern requirements.

Our design solutions meet the requirements of greenhouse vegetable growing in greenhouses, current building codes and regulations, ensure reliable and safe operation.

SPX Flow Technology / Johnson Pump Horticulture B.V. 9 9400 AA ASSEN The Netherlands
Tel 0031174518410 / Fax 0031174518444

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B.V. Nederlandse Plastic Industrie
Sinaedawei 10-A 8851 GG Tzummarum Provincie Friesland Nederland
Tel +31 518 481 846 / Fax +31 518 481 345

For many years now, NPI has supplied agricultural film. Through the extensive network of dealers, their films have found their way to the end user, both in the area of the 3-layer agricultural films and for the storage and processing of manure.

They make high demands on their services and products, making them a valuable supplier for you as a client. Their goal is to build a long lasting relationship with you. In this, long-term use and lowering pressure on their natural resources takes centre stage. It is their opinion that they could offer global responsible solutions for a number of problems, e.g. clean and adequate water storage. This is why they present themselves as a world-wide player.

92-735 Łódź, ul. Pomorska 555, Poland.
Tel +48 42 672 57 10 / Fax +48 42 672 57 11

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Vostermans Ventilation B.V.
Parlevinkerweg 54 5928 NV Venlo The Netherlands
tel. +31 77 3893232 / fax +31 77 3820893

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Marconiweg 2, 3225 LV Hellevoetsluis, The Netherlands.
Tel. +31 181 392666 / Fax +31 181 392662

With a passion for quality textiles, the Svensson brand is built on a legacy that began in 1887. After four generations as a family run company, Svensson continue to develop and manufacture textiles with outstanding design and function. Now more than ever, their unique experience and know-how is used to improve the natural habitat of both people and plants.

Svensson controls and own the entire manufacturing process, from the drawing board and the choice of yarn and raw materials to the desired solution and the finished product. This provides unique opportunities to influence and develop each part of the process.

Ridder Drive Systems
Lorentzstraat 36-38 3846 AX Harderwijk The Netherlands
T +31 (0)341 416 854 / F +31 (0)341 416 611

Ridder is named after the Dutch town of Ridderkerk, where Mr F.A. Nugteren founded the business in 1953. The company relocated to Harderwijk in 1963. Today, over six decades later, Ridder is still a family business run by the sons of its founder. By now, the third generation of the Nugteren family have taken their place in the company. The Ridder Group acquired HortiMaX in 2011. This was the next logical step in maximizing their value to the horticultural sector by offering a more comprehensive range of products and services. All the products they develop are quick and easy to install, and require very little maintenance.

Vlielandseweg 20 2641 KC Pijnacker
Phone : +31(0)15 3620300 / Fax : +31(0)15 3693038

More than fifty years of experience enable us to control virtually any physical process in a greenhouse environment. For this purpose, we devise advanced and highly innovative solutions that provide you with greater convenience, improved efficiency and higher yields.
We strive to maximize our customers’ yields and profits by providing intelligent, innovative and user-friendly all-in-one solutions for commercial horticulture. We do this throughout the world with a team of dedicated and expert staff.

HortiMaX was formed through the merger of a number of companies, the oldest of which successfully developed its first automatic irrigation unit back in 1959. We have now grown into an international company and are among the top 3 process automation suppliers in the horticultural industry. HortiMaX has offices throughout the world.

Stal & Plast A/S
Industrivej 16-18 DK- 5750 Ringe Denmark
Phone: + 45 62 62 12 16 / Fax: + 45 62 62 36 11

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Camino de la Almazara, s/n 03190 Pilar de la Horadada (Alicante) - España
Tlf. +34 96 535 26 26 / Fax. +34 96 535 21 58

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IFG CRESCO NV (Bonar Agro)
Weverslaan 19, 9160 Lokeren, Belgium
Tel: + 32 9 340 98 11

IFG Cresco, a division of one of the major European textile groups, International Fibres Group, is a renowned producer of woven technical textiles. For more than 50 years, we have developed and produced an innovative, high quality product range, which is sold worldwide to professional users.

Our Phormium product portfolio for the agricultural sector includes a wide range of screens for greenhouses, ground covers and nets for mushroom and compost production.
In addition to agrotextiles, we also offer solutions for industrial applications. With our broad scope of materials and production processes, we are the preferred partner for product development and trading.

From our site in Lokeren, Belgium we are committed to providing excellent customer service, know-how and sustainable solutions.

Danvan A/S Cikorievej
DK-5220 Odense Vis pе kort
Telefon +45 6592 5600 / Fax +45 6616 4655

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Via della Liberazione, 18 I-47030 San Mauro Pascoli (FC) Italy
(+39) 0541/932018

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Certhon Projects B.V.
ABC Westland 555 2685 DG Poeldijk The Netherlands
Tel: +31 174 225080 / Fax: +31 174 225081

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