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About Us

During the years of existence “AGROTIP” Group has built from the scratch and upgraded more than 300 hectares of greenhouses. More than 30 hectares of seedlings and salad complexes designed by the company specialists were put into operation, 3 garden-shopping centres were built.

The AGROTIP Group of Companies includes the Agro Technology and Design Bureau, whose employees have implemented hundreds of projects for the construction of greenhouses and the placement in them of multifunctional lines for growing seedlings and greenery. The technical service solves a big number of questions regarding the production and delivery of the engineering equipment, means of mechanization, the supply of consumables, the production of commercial equipment for garden centers and flower shops. Agronomic service is responsible for the agricultural support and the personnel training.


The main elements of technological equipment (hydroponic shelf system) are produced by “AGROTIP” with the use of technologies and materials that provide not less than 25 years of equipment operation. All tubes are made of modern polymeric materials that are approved to be used in contact with food products. Careful selection of manufacturers and suppliers of plastic components allowed to create a balanced set of equipment (quality/price) meeting all modern requirements.

Since 2014 AGROTIP Group started the production of greenhouses constructions the basis of which is the design of the VENLO type.

“AGROTIP” is actively engaged in the promotion of new technological methods of growing vegetables in horticulture, in particular the implementation of artificial lighting and usage of vegetation gutters for growing plants.

The company has all construction and design licenses of GosStroy of Russia.

Why us?


For complex implementation of projects “AGROTIP” has the following features:

A distinctive feature of our company is a systematic approach to solving technical and technological issues. It is as follows:

The company has experience in the construction of greenhouses in highly seismic zones and in the regions of the far North.


We are opened for cooperation.
Greenhouses is our profession!