15.09.2015, 19:58
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Design of greenhouse complexes

Our design and technology bureau help to implement any customer requirements, no matter how unique they may be.

проектирование теплиц

проетирование тепличных комплексовпроектирование тепличных комбинатов

The most important thing for our team is to design the greenhouse with unique parameters that fully meet the requirements of the customer.

In our designs of greenhouses we focus on special technological equipment (hydroponic shelf systems) that are manufactured by our company using technologies and materials that ensure the operation of the equipment for at least 25 years. All pipelines in our greenhouses are made of modern polymeric materials that can be used in contact with food products.

We co-operate with the world’s leading equipment suppliers and our customers are sure that we offer the best solutions for the competitive price. For more than 26 years of work we have gained unique experience in working with greenhouse plants and know all the details of production.