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Production of greenhouse structures

Since 2014 “AGROTIP” started production of metal structures for greenhouses of its own engineering. The design meets all modern requirements, which are based on VENLO type.

Production capacities of “AGROTIP” allow to create greenhouses with a height of columns of 5 or 6 meters, span – 12; 8 or 9.6 meters.

производство конструкций

производство конструкций для теплицпроизводство металлоконструкций для теплицThe supporting frame is made of high-quality  galvanized steel, made by cold-rolled method.

A feature of the designs of the greenhouses is the most modern, fully aluminum roof with a closed aluminum gutter. Due to the smaller size than the steel gutter, the aluminum gutter allows you to increase the amount of sunlight in the greenhouse by 10-15%, which directly affects the yield.

конструкции теплицы

металлоконструкции теплицыметаллоконструкции для теплицAn important thing in a modern greenhouse is the use of high-quality and reliable ventilation and curtain systems, which allow you to achieve the desired result and be calm for productivity in any weather.

In the production of greenhouse structures “AGROTIP” uses the latest world innovative solutions in the field of construction, which is a serious competitive advantage.

Many years of experience of our employees allows us to build greenhouses that meet the latest requirements for growing fruit and vegetable products in horticulture.

Our experts will help you to make the right choice, using ready-made or designed specifically for you solutions.

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