15.09.2015, 19:44
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Seedling and lettuce lines

Since 2000 AGROTIP has been engaged in the development and production of technological equipment and technical means for the industry of horticulture. The company has started the production of the equipment for technological lines of industrial growing of lettuce and green crops by the method of through-flow hydroponics (lettuce lines); and for technological lines of industrial growing of seedlings of vegetables, flowers and other crops by the method of undertow (seedling lines).

кассеты для рассады

установки для выращивания салатаустановки для выращивания рассадыThe set of technological equipment of seedling lines is considered to be the most perfect at the moment. It is developed for year-round cultivation of vegetable flower and other seedlings heated greenhouses artificial lighting systems. Seedling lines increase the quality and the quantity of the yield, shorten the period of cultivation and reduce the production costs by 2 – 2.5 times. On the other hand the seedling lines help to make the most of the greenhouse area and to use the automated process of watering plants.

In addition, the versatility of seedling complexes allows you to grow different types of vegetables and flowers and quickly adjust the production to the seasonal market needs.

The equipment of the lettuce lines is produced individually based on the needs of the customer and can be installed in any type of glass or film greenhouses.

AGROTIP has built over 30 hectares of seedling and lettuce complexes in different regions of the Russian Federation. We build the seedling and lettuce complexes “turnkey”, thus our customers get technologically equipped and ready to start production.