Vertical BIG BALE machine


Technical parameters:

  • Capacity – up to 4 bales per hour.
  • Acoustic alarm of bale end.
  • Control of lifting of bales from the frequency controller.
  • The function of uniform moistening of peat.
  • Maintenance of optimal moisture content of peat inside the machine during a break in operation.
  • Optical sensor for automatic control of the loading level.
  • External indication of peat residue in the bale.
  • Connection to the power network – 3.0 kW, 3 f, ~380v.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm – 1900 х 1775 х 2440-2840-3340.
  • Weight, kg – 1220.
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The GRABB vertical big-bale loader is designed for loosening peat and supplying it into the hopper of peat mixer (MC1120) or trayfiller (RN12 or RC65). The best performance when used as a part of the line for the preparation of the medium productivity substrate. Equipped with a transporter for lifting europallets with peat and nozzles for moistening peat. It can be equipped with various output transporters for further transportation of peat, and with a dispenser of mineral fertilizers.


Vertical Big Bale machine description.