агротехническое сопровождениеAgrotechnical support


“AGROTIP” provides agrotechnical support of the project during the first year of operation of the greenhouse complex.

The list of works for agrotechnical support:



At the stage of preparation of the contract:

  • Preliminary preparation of crop rotation.
  • Preliminary calculation of yield and determination of the optimal area of the seedling complex.
  • Preliminary calculation of the need for consumables (seeds, fertilizers, substrate, etc.).
  • Determination of the optimal composition of technological equipment.

At the implementation stage of the project:

  • Preparation of the final crop rotation.
  • Calculation of yield.
  • Development of specific agrotechnical recommendations.
  • Practical training of the customer’s personnel in the seedling complex.
  • Consultations of the customer on any issues related to the operation of the seedling complex.