5.10.2018, 11:22

Anniversary seminar of the Lettuce Club in Ekaterinburg in 2018

The tenth anniversary seminar of “Lettuce club” on the topic: “Modern technologies of cultivation of vegetable, green, flower and berry crops in horticulture”  was held on September 26-27 this year in Yekaterinburg. The seminar was attended by managers and specialists of greenhouse enterprises and firms.

The Chairman of the “Lettuce club”, Deputy General Director of LLC “PKF AGROTIP”, candidate of agricultural Sciences Antipova O. V. summed up the results of the work of the club for 10 years. The area of seedling and lettuce complexes in our country is 68.8 hectares, including 31.6 hectares of domestic production. The total gross production of lettuce is 230 million pieces per year – it is ten times more than in 2008, the range of lettuce and other green crops has expanded.

On the seminar were presented reports on the technology of growing vegetables on phytopyramide, growing green crops on a multi-tier narrow hydroponic rack, on new varieties and hybrids of green crops for seedlings and lettuce complexes of domestic and foreign selection, on hybrids of vegetable crops for artificial lighting, on growing lettuce under full-spectrum LEDs, on biological protection of green crops from pests and diseases, on coconut substrates, on a new direction in the production and keeping of bumblebees, on environmental innovations in the greenhouses and other topical issues.

Photos from the seminar are available here.

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